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Can anyone give me some suggestions between SAIC Post-Bacc Painting and Cranbrook MFA Painting?

Cranbrook offered an MFA program but their painting program isn't very strong (Ranked 13 by US. NEWS), SAIC offered a Post-Bacc but they have a much stronger painting program, and I will need to apply again the end of this year for their MFA program or other MFA painting programs. 

I personally prefer the location of Chicago and I think I slightly prefer SAIC's style as Cranbrook is a totally "work on your own, critic by your classmates" system. I feel a curriculum offers more resources from various professors that are easier to reach then dig on your own.

If I choose SAIC Post-Bacc I will need to take all the risks that if I am not able to get into their MFA program or any other painting programs for FALL 2019.....but I really want to go to a very strong painting MFA program since the tuitions are so expensive anyway.....

Please give me some suggestions! Thanks!

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tbh post bacc is for people who need help getting into a mfa program or because people don't want mfa programs. i did the ssp at vcu to help prepare for an mfa but it was expensive to move to a whole new city for a short period of time (as well as the residency was expensive). canbrook is a great school, and if you're not happy with their program either do the post bacc to prepare for a more competitive program, do the post bacc and wait on the mfa, or accept neither and reply to programs next year. 

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