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My advisor is ghosting me?

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So I was accepted to my top choice MA program in early April, and I reached out promptly to my assigned advisor to ask about next steps (registration, etc.). There was a tragedy in the department (sudden death of a faculty member) that delayed his initial response, which I completely understood. However, it has been a month since I replied to set up a meeting and I have received no further communication. I’ve attempted to follow up twice, but have heard nothing. 

Additionally, I am still waiting to hear from the school about GA positions I applied for (deadline for those was 4/15). I really would like to get everything settled financially and with my advisor as soon as I can, and the lack of communication is really beginning to worry me. 

Any recommendations as to when I should reach out again/how to proceed? Reassurances that they haven’t changed their mind (just kidding... sort of)? Many thanks! 

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It’s summer, responses are going to be slow. Especially because theres nothing that needs to be done until you’re actually there, it means it’s easy for your requests to drop down on the priority tree. 

Just email again, say you understand things are busy but wanted to check in. 

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Thanks for your responses!

I should have clarified- I am asking my advisor about registration because he told me to.

Edit: I’m sure things work differently in different fields, so I’ll also clarify that I’m going into a theatre program. 

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I'm starting an MA program in the fall. I've been in touch with my advisor and the admin assistant who handles department paperwork. Both have said that for my school things don't get rolling until the end of June or beginning of July, when the new fiscal year starts I think. 

I'd be more curious about the GA positions.


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