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Hertie School 2019

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On 11/7/2018 at 12:38 PM, Amir@1994 said:

Hi there!

My current statue is Selection Committee. 

I sent an email to the Hertie and I've just received their response that say "the official results for the Helmut-Schmidt-programme will be released in December."

Good luck :)

Is the Selection  Committee appearing on the portal as a Status?

Mine is Evaluation.

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Hey guys,

Good luck to all of you waiting for the Helmut-Schmidt-Scholarship answers.

Anyone is applying to Hertie School for the MIA Program 2019? I am almost there with my application process and as far as I know the results are coming out pretty quickly. 

Anyone already applied and have any news? Looking forward to hearing back from you guys!

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19 hours ago, fredkenya said:

Hello guys am Fred from Kenya. I too applied for the MPP under Helmut-Schmidt-Programme (DAAD).  Am glad joining this forum.

Just like other applicants i received this mail; 


Dear applicant,


Thank you for applying to the 2019 DAAD Helmut-Schmidt-Scholarship at the Hertie School of Governance.


Your application is currently in the last stages of being reviewed by the Hertie School in conjunction with the DAAD, who will together name six recipients to be awarded the Helmut Schmidt Scholarship. A final selection meeting will take place in November and applicants will receive the results via e-mail in December.


However, when I log in to the portal I get this " Master of Public Policy  Application submitted on 26.06.2018 (Current status: Evaluation)".


Who may have an idea what this means for me.





Mine's still under "Selection Committee" in the portal. 

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