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Does it worth to volunteer for a summer research opportunity?

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I got accepted by the Lee Summer Fellowship at the Southern California Research Center for ALPD and Cirrhosis for this summer. Since I graduated with a bachelor degree in biochem, I'm thinking to work in the research lab for a year as a research associate if it is possible. Does anybody know what the possibility for an undergraduate to work in a research lab following summer research is?

I also got accepted with a one-year master degree in global health. Does it worth to give up the Master degree and work in a research lab? I want a Ph.D. degree in the future. I need something to build my resume because of my poor GPA.

Please write any related thought that you have. Thanks!

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What was your GPA? On one hand, if your goal is a PhD, then the summer fellowship will be a positive addition to your resume, especially if they keep you on as a research assistant afterward (I'm not sure what the chances of that would be, but you could discuss that with them and see if it's an option if the summer fellowship goes well). On the other hand, if your GPA is really low (<3.0), then you may need to take some masters-level courses to prove that you can in fact do graduate-level work before a PhD program would consider you. 

You could do the masters degree in global health and gain research experience there, as well. Since it is a one-year degree, I assume there is no thesis option? It may be a little more difficult to gain meaningful research experience in a one-year program. You need to do more of your own research on both the masters degree (research experience?) and fellowship (chance to stay on? Paid or unpaid?) before making a decision.

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