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Africana Studies - Program Choice

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I'm currently a rising senior majoring in Africana Studies. I will be applying for Ph.D. programs for the upcoming 2019 cycle. Unfortunately, I've had a bit of trouble identifying programs that would match my research interests. I am interested in researching how popular music genres affects Black diasporas. More specifically, I want to understand the role popular musical genres play in the formation of Black diasporic cultural identities. For example, I wrote a paper on the political nature of Linton Kwesi Jonhson's music and the essential role it played in the formation of Afro-Caribbean cultural identity in Britain. 

Ideally, I would like to continue my research in the same vessel. So far, however, I have only managed to find one potential POI whose research interests match mine (Alexander Weheliye @ Northwestern). I'd gladly appreciate suggestions for programs I could apply to and advisors that would be willing to take on my research. 

Thanks in advance! 

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You might be interested in Cornell's program. Carole Boyce Davies might be a good research fit.

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