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Hello everyone. I am aiming for an MSc program starting this fall. I applied to a few places. Among them, I have been offered admission from the University of Saskatchewan and also from York University. Both offers come with fully funded support. This is where the dilemma starts.

The offer from Saskatchewan is ideal for me in all respect. The research area, and the supervisor that I have been assigned to matches with my area of interest and with the experiences that I have had from my undergrads, i.e Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning. 

However, York University also comes with a fully funded offer, but the supervisor's research interest mostly lies in the mathematical and theoretical aspects of Machine Learning. Although during the Skype interview she told me about doing something in between (In between the theoretical and application-based aspect of Machine Learning). The most positive side of going to York is, I have my relatives staying there, who might be able to assist me with settling and other things. 

I would like to know if going to York might have a negative outcome as my research area does not fully match with the supervisors. Or is there any chance that I might have a hard time in the future to have a job if I do my research on Theoretical Machine Learning.

I really am confused by these thoughts, I feel like I will miss out this one if I choose the other. I will greatly appreciate your opinions on this.

Thanks for reading

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Sadia did you end up going to usask? I recently applied in the computer science masters programs for fall 2019. Their graduate assistant contacted me for a Dean's scholarship nomination. What do you think of my chances of getting in?

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