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How Often Do Grad Students Get Paid?

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Hi everybody,

So of course I know that this can vary for each university but typically: how often do grad students get paid? Monthly or bi-monthly? 

I have saved enough for my first month of rent and related expenses, but not enough yet for the second month. I was told that the first payment is due August 30, and it may be enough just to cover my rent but leaving me with no money for food and other expenses, unless the payment covers a whole month.


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19 minutes ago, frenchlover said:

Wow -- I hope not! Aren't there large tax implications of getting one huge lump sum?

Based on the presentation my school had me sit through, the lump sum might put you in a different bracket but it doesn't affect the kind of income it's considered. That's determined by the kind of position you have (fellowship, assistantship, etc). I found this article really helpful: http://pfforphds.com/prepare-grad-student-tax-return/

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When I was on a fellowship - I got a lump sum every semester which the school didn't withhold taxes. Since it was only two semesters, split over two tax years - thankfully I didn't get assessed a tax penalty when I filed for not estimating my taxes and paying them quarterly.  If I had two semesters under the same tax year, I definitely would have had to pay a tax penalty.

When I was a RA which was for the majority of the time, I was paid monthly during the fall and spring semesters and  I was paid every two weeks over the summer. (I also could get paid for more than 20 hrs in the summer if I chose to work that much.)

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In my MA I got paid bi-monthly.

Will get bi-monthly for the Ph.d. too, however as an international student I was told they needed more time to process my documents and will get my first check at the begining of October.

This probably does not apply to you but I am sure this is something you can check with your department.

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