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Cut off GRE scores?

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I've heard that these are a thing...Anyone know if it is true or not?

All of the programs usually say that they take a " hollistic approach"...blah blah blah and thus there are not GRE cut-offs. But then they go on to say that "BUT the average is usually in this range." Is this a clue that maybe they do use cut-off scores to weed out applicants?

Anyone know how I can find what they are for the programs I am applying for? Looking specifically for Sociology stats at T-15s if it matters...

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Yeah.. I've also heard that if there are too many applicants, admission committees first screen all applicants through GRE scores.

But there is nothing you can do about it. just focus on what you have to do right now, and make your every effort to meet average score of the admitted. 

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