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2 hours ago, KynaMeow said:

Didn't find any funding info on their website.. Have you heard anything from them? 

The google doc (thank you for pulling it up!!) has IFA down for $27,000 for 6 years. My interview with them is on Monday, and then I believe we won't hear anything back until the first week of March. 

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Congrats to UChicago admits! ❤️ Would you mind sharing your field?

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10 minutes ago, artsyrobot said:

Neither U of Chicago's application web-site nor Harvard's opens today. Do you think they are uploading the results or am I just paranoid? 

Also, is there somebody else here admitted to Northwestern?

Both portal pages work perfectly on my laptop..

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Guest tarsila89
On 2/1/2019 at 1:33 PM, texasod said:

Anyone heard anything from Toronto? It looks like in the past they have been all over the board in terms of when they make decisions/notify applicants. Just curious if anyone has any inside scoop.

I was told they were going to send out responses at the end of this month 

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7 minutes ago, warmmuffins said:

Wow congrats to the recent admits!!!!! 

Anyone have their interview with IFA yet? Anyone know how many people are on the selection committee? Asking for a friend...?

My friend did! She said there are 6 people on it. They were really nice to her so don't worry!! :)

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59 minutes ago, wensz said:

Congrats @JAKH! May I ask if your application portal has been updated?  Getting more and more nervous each day, and it certainly doesn't help that U.Chicago is one of my top choices if not my first choice...!

Yes, the official offer letter was posted there today. 

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16 minutes ago, novella said:

Anyone else see a link to "Terms and Conditions of Acceptance" under the "Forms" section of their Harvard portal? (Or am I just going crazy waiting for a decision?) 

I don't see one on mine, so that probably means you were accepted...?

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