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Who are the current moderators?

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On 7/30/2018 at 1:59 AM, hopefulPhD2017 said:

First time back on in awhile. Missing the wisdom and presence of the former mods. This site not the same, at all. 

Yeah, I had noticed that some mods were not on the forum anymore (even sent an PM to one of them to know where he went because I really liked his input and kindness). But I'm confident that the new staff will be equally as welcoming and informative. 

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It's definitely summer related.  I imagine it'll perk up nicely in September and October, and then be super busy over the late fall and early winter.

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Based on the past two years of "community activity", which is a report I have in the Admin area, July/Aug are slow months.

In relative terms:

Community Activity: 

The total number of members who submitted new content, followed something, or reacted to something on the community in the specified time period.

July 2016: 882

July 2017: 1029

July 2018: 993

In addition, when we took over the site, there was a major issue with the Results pages being blocked from the search engines. This was an error made in September 2017 that caused a significant drop in Google traffic. This affects the forum as many new users come from that tool.

We have corrected the issue, but it will take time to recover the lost traffic. However, we have seen a steady increase in forum activity in the past two weeks, which is a great sign.

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I have been infrequent over the last few months, didn't realize TGC was changing (and had changed) hands.  I did notice very quickly that some of the mods were missing, and that is sad.  Good to see some familiar faces in the link provided by Warelin, though. 

I had also wondered when the old guard would leave, some having completed their programs a while ago, it seemed. 

@TGCA, I was not aware that Results was findable from a search.  I have been a member since Nov. 2012 yet had begun looking into grad programs back in 2008.  Grad Cafe forums came up over and over again, I do not recall even one instance when Results did.  What's interesting is that it seems posts in Results do not match posts in the forums.  I sometimes wonder if there are members of this site who only join to post results and yet do not participate in the forums?  

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Hi @Crucial BBQ -


There are definitely users who post results and don't join the forum. There is no requirement to join the forum to post results and it isn't obvious there is a forum if you come if from a "results" type search. This is one of the reasons people ask questions in their results submission.

One goal is to marry the forum/results and make it more apparent there is a better place to discuss than within the results tool.

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