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This was on the gradschool reddit page. I’m not sure if this was already posted before, but I don’t recall this ever being put up. This details the career outcomes for history phds produced from 2004 to 2013. It’s interesting stuff because you can also search the outcomes by individual departments. I only have two comments about the data. One, it largely confirms the consensus that if you want to have a greater shot at a tenure track job, you should attend a top ranked school. The usual suspects (such as Harvard, Yale, or Princeton) have the highest percentage rates at 60%-70% of placing people in 4 year tenure track programs. This doesn’t mean your chance of getting a tt track job is the same percentage if you attend one of these school but just that your chances are higher as compared to another school.

My second point is that you should peruse the data cautiously because it doesn’t the reflect the current job market (since it got worse) and that just because a school’s placement percentage for a four-year tt job is low doesn’t mean it’s a bad school. For example, smaller schools like Brandeis have lower placement percentages because their population is lower. 

I would love to hear your guys’ thoughts on this data if you have any!

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