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I am applying for my Masters in Speech pathology here in USA but was offered a place at another university abroad (I thought I might go based on a career situation earler but that’s not working out any more).

Do you think it would be a good or bad idea to reveal in my application  that I have already been accepted into a university in another country but cannot go for various reasons? My reasoning behind this is that the university I am applying to here is looking for references and other info that show s that one has the skills to undertake a masters degree...and I’m thinking that perhaps  having already been screened among hundreds of other applicants demonstrates that I am capable.  

Does anyone have any suggestions? I am still holding on to the offer abroad but it would be very hard to make it work as I have work/family commitments here in USA,

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I agree. I don’t think it needs to be mentioned. Different application committees and universities may have different things they’re looking for so it may not be much of a boost. 

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Congratulations on getting in! I'm sorry it didn't work out because of the other career stuff. But I agree with the other posters, I wouldn't mention it. At best it may help them think "Well XYZ University liked him/her. Do we like him her?" but at worst.... there's a much longer list: braggadocious, uncommitted, as if this university is your backup, etc. 

In the end, I think you have more to lose than to gain. 

If you were admitted elsewhere, me confident and trust in yourself that you'll be admitted again. I know it is a big scary gamble, but you've done it once before so you can do it again! 

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