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Monthly Top Posters Contest - August

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Hey Everyone!

Starting in August, we would like to rekindle the monthly top posters report where we spotlight the top 10 contributors each month. To kick things off, we will offer a special prize for the top 3 in August!

You can look back at previous "Forum stats" topics to see the format.

Also, please welcome @Warelin as a new moderator on the forum!

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Here is the unofficial ranking for July(as July isn't over yet), but this one doesn't count anyway ;)....

1) @Adelaide9216
2) @Sigaba
3) @indecisivepoet
4) @Warelin
5) @isma93
6) @mcamp
7) @historygeek
9) @Psygeek
10) @Bodhicaryavatara

For the August contest I will award the Top 3 Posters $25 Amazon gift cards. This is a slow time of year on the forum, so it won't take much to rise to the top. I will be posting weekly updates to keep everyone in the loop on how well they are doing.

Good luck!

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August Top Posters Week 1 Update:

1) @Adelaide9216

2) @Sigaba

3) @BabyScientist

4) @Warelin

5) @ResilientDreams

6) @JDtoPhDmaybe

7) @Hk328

8 @bayessays

9) @E-P

10) @kgras13

Great to see a few new members on this list! Remember, top 3 receive a $25 Amazon gift card. The difference between 10th place and 3rd is still quite slim.


I'd like to introduce @telkanuru and @punctilious as new moderators on the forum! Very excited to have them on the team.

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