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What information can Grad Schools request from Undergraduate Schools

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Hey all, first post here. I got into some legal trouble awhile back (DUI first offense). It was a stupid mistake and as a result I quit drinking. I have never been in trouble before and have nothing else on my record. However, since it was during the summer and away from school my undergraduate institution never found out. Based on my school's policies, I am not required to disclose it to the dean of students because it is only a misdemeanor and not a felony, as well as a non-violent crime. On pretty much all Grad School apps there is a section about criminal history where you must disclose any prior incidents. My question is, can Grad Schools request information from my undergraduate institution about criminal history? I'm worried if I apply and they request information, that my undergraduate school will find out and I will get suspended for a semester. I don't know if I am overthinking things or if this is something they are even allowed to do because of information privacy policies. I want to apply to Grad Schools now as I am a rising senior, but don't know if I should wait to apply until after I have earned my degree. Thanks!

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I doubt grad schools will request information about your criminal history from your undergrad school but like you said they will ask you to disclose it in your application and if you do get into grad school and go through a hiring process they could do a background check on you too as well. However, I don't think there is any way that your undergrad school will find out about your offense because you are applying to grad school. Also if they somehow did find out, is it normally their policy to suspend you for a semester? Surely, most undergrad schools have a fair number of students who received DUI offenses and surely not every person that does so is suspended for a semester. At least in my undergrad experience I knew at least 2 people who got DUIs (underage DUIs at that) and they were not suspended.

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