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GRE Prep: Advice on Vocabulary

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Hello, guys. I have a little less than two months to prepare for the GRE and I'm struggling with the Verbal section, specially the vocabulary. So, what are the best sources for learning vocabulary? I've taken a look at some vocabulary lists, but the words don't seem to be included on the real exam.

Any advice will be helpful!


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I used Kaplan flashcards. Did a first run through where I split the ones I did and didn't already know, removed the ones I knew for sure, and started studying the ones I didn't. I essentially did it alphabetically. I'd pick up a group of like 10 cards, study them until I was pretty confident, did a new group, studied until I was confident, then went back and reviewed the first group to see what I actually still remembered, etc etc over a few days. Worked pretty well. 

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