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Aspiring Shrink

Clinical conundrum

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Luckily, I have been accepted into two programs, a developmental psychology PhD program at FIU (though I can get my MA in mental health counseling) and a general psych. MA program that leads to a clinical psych. PhD, at The New School (students must complete an MA in general psych at this program before applying to the PhD program, though acceptance isn't guaranteed (3/4 chance)).

Now the issue is that I would like to get a PhD clinical psychology. Although I enjoy research and teaching, I would like to get strong cliicl training. Although I am not very familiar with the program, The New School ranks higher than FIU, but it is much more expensive and it doesn't guarantee acceptance to the PhD program (and I don't know how far a MA in general psych will get me). Either way I'm going to have to hustle; with a PhD in development I am going to have to work hard to obtain clinical training and at The New School I'm going to have to work hard to get into the PhD program.

Then of course there are issues about relocating to NYC finding jobs/housing/schools for my family, but what I need to zero in on first is, which the program or risk worth investing in.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Have you had any experience in either of the two programs? Do you have any general advice about the training or funding?

Thank you for hearing me out and I wish the best of luck to you all.

-Aspiring Shrink

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