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Illustration-heavy MFA Graphic Design/Visual Communication programs

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Hi everyone!

I was a little active on this forum in early 2017 during my first go-around at applications. Out of four schools I was accepted into one, but even with their offer of partial funding I still found it too pricey to accept, especially since it was only my safety school. So I decided to take a lengthy break from pursuing grad school, work on my portfolio and CV, and take things much slower and surer this second time around. Hence this new thread asking for everyone's advice :)

Professionally I am mainly an illustrator but I consider this inseparable from my explorations in graphic design. I'm interested in how the two collaborate in the innovation of print/publication design, primarily in children's books, games, and visual narratives in general. Bonus points if the program touches on political activism or social practice. For these reasons I'm very attracted to Tyler School of Art's Graphic & Interactive Design program thanks to the student work on display, and University of Illinois's Graphic Design for its great-looking core faculty.

I want to know if anyone on here knows of any programs I might've missed that match my description. I want a program that intertwines graphic design heavily with illustration, and would let me focus more towards print design. (I work with, and enjoy, web/UI design just fine but it's just not my calling!) I'm not entirely closed to suggestions of MFA Illustration programs, either; I've had my eye on Syracuse University for some time :)

I'm a little bit wary of brand-name/for-profit institutions, but I won't be mad to learn if their vis comm/illustration program fits the bill.

Thanks, everyone! Good luck on your own searches for the perfect school.

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