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Where is HCI or IxD forum? It's not in Interdisciplinary, Professional, nor in Computer Science

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HCI (Human Computer Interaction) or IxD (Interaction Design) programs, which are known be professional ones, are getting more and more competitive each year. Here I mean the programs which aim to educate future UX designers. Some of the top schools are CMU, GaTech, UW, etc. Since these programs have different natures to other more academic programs, I think it's worth sharing information with the applicants! Some of the general advice about grad school application does not apply to this study.

But I don't see any HCI or IxD forum anywhere! I thought it could be in the following three categories:

 1) Interdisciplinary

 2) Professional

 3) Computer Science

Since each school's HCI program belong to different colleges (some in CS, others in Design/ ischool, etc.) I think it's most appropriate to belong to Interdisciplinary.


But where is it? How can I create one?  

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Hi @Conviction,

It isn't ideal to have a forum for every single subfield because then discussion would be very divided. It gets even more confusing when people are in between fields and unsure of which forum to post on. You are more than welcome to create a topic on HCI or IXD in any of the 3 forums you talked about or choose another one entirely. It wouldn't be the first time a topic regarding a specific field was created in another's board. Comparative Lit often finds a home on the Literature, and Rhetoric and Composition Forum. Biostats often finds a home in Biology. Biochemistry has found homes in the past in both Biology and Chemistry.

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