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I sent transcripts from four different universities and they all made it on time BUT my CSDCAS application actually got sent back before being verified because I had forgotten one class I'd taken in high school that gave me college credit. So I had to have that transcript rush-ordered to CSDCAS to get everything in on time. My advice would to just start the process of having your transcripts sent to CSDCAS as early as possible so you don't have to worry about it. For a minute I thought my application would not be verified on time, but it all worked out. I would say just do it now to get it over with if you can :) good luck!!

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If it has been a long time, maybe call them. Mine took around a month to be finally entered on the CSDCAS application site. That being said, it was past the application deadlines as well. It didn't hinder my chances of getting into grad school. Everything else was on CSDCAS on time and I paid the fees before the deadline and I was fine. 

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