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Hello everyone,

I am looking to apply to graduate school for this upcoming fall (2019). I would really like to find an M.A anthropology program with available funding. My academic interests coalesce around such topics as ethnohistory, ethnography, identity, cultural exchange, experience, and visual anthropology. The intersection between anthropology, critical history, and the dynamic human experience of the individual is central to my worldview and shapes what I envision for myself in terms of future study and research. I also have strong tilt towards South Asia, as I have completed numerous research programs in northern India. I also speak intermediate Hindi. Given these thoughts, I was wondering if people had any Master's programs in mind that they would like to recommend. I'm not opposed to hearing Ph.D program recommendations either, but it is the funded M.A programs I am having trouble finding. I am also open to considering non-anthropology programs that deal closely with the subjects I mentioned above.



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Hey @Austin J.,

My masters program at Georgia State was funded and have a few faculty they have interests in visual culture but the general regional focus of the dept. is more Latin America. But, you could definitely do a thesis on SE Asia and would definitely add to the diversity of the program in terms of research focus. 

However, I will say - I’m currently at Univ. of Illinois at Chicago and the dept is divided between Andean Archaeology and SE Asia Critical Sociocultural Theory. I think that this dept. might be a better fit given the research interest. I would reach out to Mark Lietchy and Tarini Bedi who work in the area. A good portion of students in that area of the dept. are from India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal to name a few so it’s a great diverse bunch. If you wanna PM we can talk more but this gives you an idea of dept.  

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