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Is there a difference between a resume tailored for lab technician jobs and resume submitted to graduate schools?

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 So most schools require us to submit resume with our application. My question is how to tailor my resume for graduate schools? In my search for lab technician jobs, I just gave the title of my research topic, and instead focused on listing my lab skills. Does graduate school admission care about lab skills as much as employers? Or do they prefer to see more in-depth discussion of my research?  

  I appreciate any comment on this! I'm so lost and I wish I could find representative resume examples somewhere...

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Your hunch is right: on the resume you submit to grad schools you really don't need any mention of lab skills at all. You should focus on succinctly and coherently summarizing your research and any broader 'soft' skills (i.e. grant or manuscript writing) that you did as part of your research, since that'll be more applicable. Basically, grad schools don't care if you can do a western blot or whatever, because they know you can and will learn the lab skills you'll need for your research. They care that you've learned how to think deeply about the research you're doing, to ask intelligent questions, and to manage your own project. 


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