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Fall 2019 Masters in Statistics Profile (Canada)

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Undergraduate Institution: University of Waterloo

Major//Minor: Statistics and Actuarial Science Double Major

Cumulative GPA: 81% (A-?)

Major GPA: Statistics 84% (A-?) and Actuarial Science 86% (A?)

Student Type: International South Asian Male

GRE General Test: Not Required

Programming Experience: R (can run caret but no Github), SQL, Python (only for basic codes/packages)

Research Experience: None :(

Work Experience: 6 actuarial co-op work terms (4 months each). 2 years of full-time actuarial work experience.

Professional Designation: ASA (Associate of Society of Actuaries from passing 5 actuarial exams)... looks like it's not gonna help but hey why not.

Research Interests: Two different topics in my mind: 

      1. Using statistical classification algorithms to underwrite insurance customers.

      2. Using statistical classification algorithms to detect benign skin pigments from the cancerous one.

Publications: None

Teaching ExperienceNone

Letters of Recommendation: I'm asking my professors that I received high grades (A+ or A). However, I did not have a lot of conversations with them due to having a mindset of going to the industry right after graduation.

Schools: My top choices would be:

     1. University of Toronto (super hard to get into as international student, I heard it's a war zone of competition especially for machine learning field).

     2. University of Waterloo

     3. University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria 

Thanks for reading!

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