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I am in my mid 20s applying to online grad school, I was wondering what a typical work load for online grad school looks like, and what are some difficulties youve faced other than time management...I keep hearing that grad school is WAY more challenging then under grad, but thats also whats told to kids in HIGHSCHOOL that college is WAY harder. I didnt find my undergrad in CSD too bad, the tough times were short lived...

Also since I am entering my mid 20s, its a where I am thinking about starting a family with my husband, if you have any experience with online slp grad school and a baby, PLEASE SHARE IT WITH ME!!





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Yes, grad school is a lot more challenging than undergrad! 

For me, I only work part time as a behavior therapist on Monday/Wednesday. Then dedicate school work on Tues/Thurs and Fri (if needed). I like my online program because I can control the schedule. Most of my classes revolve around watching lecture videos that are pre-recorded and having a midterm and final (sometimes we'll have a third exam but it depends on the professor). The courseload still feels like a full time program because I have to study daily! But I think compared to a traditional program its not as rigorous .

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