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Harvard or Stanford for molecular/cellular neuro

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Well to be honest you are in a really no lose situation. Both schools have ridiculously good reputations and tons of faculty. I would personally go to the one which has the most faculty you would be interested in working with. On top of that, contacting these people again and doing some investigating into what the publication record of their grad students is would probably help you. Finally there is location. Harvard is in Boston which is a great city with tons of stuff to do. It is on the east coast and gets cold but seeing as how you are from chicago that probably isn't an issue. From what i understand palo alto doesn't quite have the metropolis feel but the campus is so big that you might not even notice. Also the weather there is preposterously nice. Hope that helps a bit.

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Harvard. No question whatsoever. Unless you're a sociopath, or you have really bad hygiene, or something. Then go to Stanford.

But then, I am exceptionally biased, since I picked Harvard (PIN), and I didn't interview at Stanford laugh.gif

To be a bit more serious, it really does come down to the faculty, so which program is better is going to depend on your particular interests, since both are so strong. The good news is that you can flip a coin and come out a guaranteed winner. PM me if you want to talk about more personal details.

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I think it depends on which subfield of cell/molec neuro you're most interested in. That, and preference for Boston vs. San Francisco (culture, weather, landscape)...another easy way is to think about which student body you felt more "at home" with.

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