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Do Quant scores really matter in School Psychology apps?

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Hi all,

I'm new to the site, but I've been looking on here for a while. I am in hopes of being accepted to a graduate specialist level program in school psychology for Fall 2019.  I am applying to MSU (current school), Central Michigan, Ball State, Wayne State, Grand Valley, and the University of Toledo. I plan on staying mostly in-state or in the midwest for school and picked NASP accredited programs. I just took the GRE again on Tuesday in hopes of doing better on my Quant and AW scores. I haven't gotten my AW score back, but I did not do any better on quant than before. I was devastated when I found out, and am worried that I may not be a competitive applicant. Here are my scores from both times. 

First time:

Quant: 144

Verbal: 153

AW: 3.5

Second time:

Quant: 142

Verbal: 155

AW: not scored yet

I understand that for some master's level programs in psychology that the quant is not heavily looked at. However, everyone I have spoken to (other students, professors) have said something different. I also understand that GRE is not everything in an application. I have a 3.52 GPA with strong letters of recommendation. I also have worked with troubled youth in an advocate position through my undergraduate program and am now currently working in a psychology clinic as an internship.  If there is anyone out there in a similar boat, has been in the past, or is a current student in my prospective programs I would love to hear from you!

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I was in your shoes last year. I applied to School Psych MA/Ed.S. programs and was terrified that my Quant scores would be a deterrent on my applications. I only took the GRE 1 time and got Q: 148, V: 157 AW:4.5. Honestly, I was worrying too much. School psych programs generally have less applicants than say, a clinical psych program, so they really look at your whole application (at least with my school). You sound like a well-rounded student with background experience/demonstrated interest in the field, so as long as you ace the interview you should be fine!

See if any school websites list their average credentials for previous applicants. For my top school (which I got into), the average GRE score for MA students was a 303, which calmed my worries a lot. Good luck!

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