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Undergrad Institution: Berkeley
Major(s): Math + Computer Science
GPA: 3.89
Type of Student: International Asian Male

GRE Revised General Test:
170 + 153 + 4.0

Program Applying: Computational Math Phd

Relevant Undergrad Courses & Grades:  Intro to Analysis (A+), Numerical Analysis (A+), Linear Algebra (A+), Complex Analysis (A-),  Abstract Algebra (A), Combinatorics (A+), some lower division courses, and some computer science courses, A+ or A.

Graduate Courses & Grades: Numerical solution to DE A&B (A+, A), Real and functional analysis (A, A-), Numerical Linear algebra (A)

Research Experience: Undergraduate research for 2 years, using statistics and math modelling, a paper submitted. Just started my "serious" research about preconditioners in compact DG method with implicit Runge-Kutta, exploring AMG now. But it is research, so no specific direction, just mess around, trying new things and see how they work. No result, but enjoy it very much. (It is really fun! Don't know what to expect every week.)

Awards/Honors/Recognitions: None. Probably some GPA related things, but not important.

Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Tutor in CC. Grader, lab assistant. 

Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: 5 graduate classes related to the thing I am interested in: numerical PDE AB, numerical linear algebra, Real & functional analysis. DRP for two semesters, on spectral method, spectral element method, multigrid. Self-studied DG and Evans' PDE, only some notes and codes, no fancy papers. Recommendation letters should be okay.

Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter:
Enjoy numerical PDE (specifically DG) very much! I started my undergraduate as a computer science major, and I switched to math pretty late. Maybe my programming background could be useful? Interested in computer graphics at first (physical simulation specifically), but could not understand PDE, so crazy studying math afterwards.

Applying to Where:

Dream School (I guess not necessarily the hardest):
Rice - CAAM

Brown - Applied math 
Cornell - CAM 
UT Austin - ICES

U Washington - Applied math
Northwestern - engineering sciences and applied mathematics
Rensselaer - Mathematics


Any advice will be very helpful for me~ Thank you very much!!! ?

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