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Picking a Thesis Topic

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Hello, I'm in my second year of my Masters program as a Biology major and I have never done a research project or Thesis yet. I have been afraid of picking a Thesis topic and don't have much help from my adviser, though she provides good advice that I should stick to what interests me. I don't know any fellow Masters students either, so seeking help is much more difficult. Has anyone ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of potential topics to choose? I have no research experience and have always been indecisive. What advice can anyone give me to help me overcome this difficulty of picking a Thesis topic?


Would you also suggest taking a Non-Thesis option if it was available?

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Suprised no one has replied to this :(

I am in the same boat as you and I have to figure out a thesis topic to start research on in less than 5 weeks. One thing that kind of helped me was going to google and typing "*Insert major here* thesis papers" I came across plenty of published papers from other graduate students that helped sparked what I want to focus on. Or better yet, what is the career you are shooting for when you are done with school? For example, mine is working for the EPA so doing my research around water or air quality would be great. Try to make your idea as specific as you, then take your idea to your advisor. She should then be able to help you narrow it down from there. I think this is one of the joys of graduate school, finding your way yourself with little help. Although frustrating, very rewarding.

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