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How to start with the first para of the SOP?

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Hello peeps, so I have a question for you. I do have a fair idea on what should an SOP consist of ( why so and so course?, why so and so university?, why MS/PHD?, research work, long and short term goals etc), what I really wanna know is how exactly should I approach my first para. I have gone through few samples already. Would specifically love to have your thoughts. Should I stay upfront and start off with why MS? or should I relate some story? Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance :) 

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I struggled with this for so long and ultimately just went with an upfront intro of my research topic and how I got into it. I didn't use a "hook" or a story, though I had that in my initial drafts. It really is a personal choice. I would also ask a few people you trust (including professors or advisors) to read it over and see how they feel about the intro. That's how I made my ultimate decision.

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