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Any chances on my phd application? (Bio, materials science, and chemistry, and mechanical engineering)

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I apply for several graduate phd program this year, with normal GPA (not too bad), GRE (V 157 Q 165) and TOEFL (100 mediocre), but several good publications (3 yrs of research), as attached CV.

My first author paper is featured as journal cover of Nature biomedical Engineering, with more than 100 media coverages. Other co-first author work was published on Science Advances, and Advanced Materials (IF~21). Some of other co-authored work is featured as journal cover of Nature Electronics. Anther one in Advanced Materials (IF~21). And one in revision by PNAS.

And 3 strong LORs on my research. Does anyone think I can get good results?

(I applied for Harvard Chemistry; Harvard Bioengineering. MIT Health Science Technology, MIT Mechanical Engineering, MIT Material Science Engineering; Caltech Medical Engineering; Stanford Material science; Northwestern Material Science. Berkeley EECS)


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Sounds like you have a very good chance. However, many of the top programs are essentially lotteries as there are so many qualified candidates. I would say it is very possible that you will be accepted to 1 program, however it will be largely up to chance. If you don't get in focus on improving your tofel. I believe in your case the GRE writing portion may be important as well if you are an international applicant. 

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