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Interview scheduling with POI and then......

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Hi everyone, 

I need help and advice. I received my POI's interview invitation on the night of Dec. 19. I am very excited because this is my top choice. He proposed a few days to Skype. I replied politely and expressed my gratitude. I also suggested a specific time to Skype with him and said I'm flexible if he wants to choose another time. However, I haven't heard back from him since then. Is this normal? I worry that I might have done something or said something inappropriate in the email... Any insight?

Thanks in advance!!!

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5 hours ago, DevelopingThoughts said:

Here’s the insight: it’s holidays and the end of the semester don’t worry and just follow up after a few days 

I am going to echo this message and say that it's very likely that things just got a little bit hectic for your POI. 

Unless you sent a message of "get out of here with your stupid invite", I am sure there's nothing you said in your email that triggered a no response. 

I've seen emails from several departments from the past week mentioning how crazy busy it was and to just wait for status update because they will get back to us soon.

So hold tight, you have great news, enjoy the holidays! 

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