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applying to MSW programs at NYU, UPenn, Boston U, Rutgers NB, Bryn Mawr, etc. these are my credentials, what do you think about my chances?

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Hi! I'm currently a senior at TCNJ. I'm a Psych/Public Health dual major. I'm just going to list some of the things that will hopefully make me stand out,  but I'm also going to attach my (really, really rough and in progress so don't judge) CV for more detail and stuff:

  • my gpa is a 3.93/4.0
  • Phi Beta Kappa
  • Lots of work with diverse individuals due to TCNJ's proximity to Trenton
    • 120 hours in Fall 2017 at a nonprofit in Trenton that works with adolescents of different demographics (LGBTQ, homeless, etc) with emotional and behavioral challenges
    • I've been in a research lab on campus since January that focuses on youth and community development, doing two major projects at a Trenton full-service elementary school
      • DBT infused group work with 4th graders
      • Mindfulness
      • First author of an accepted Eastern Psychological Conference presentation submission

I guess I'm just trying to figure out how competitive these MSW programs are & what my chances are? also, if anyone wants to review my previous statement, lmk (:

real rough.docx

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I think your chances are very good! Write a decent personal statement and you should be set. I don't know the admissions statistics for all of those schools but you are a strong candidate imho and I'd be gobsmacked if you didn't receive admission offers from at least a few of the schools you mentioned above.

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On 1/6/2019 at 10:04 AM, malliebu said:

The only admissions statistic I was given was for Columbia. They accept 40% of their applicants. Given it's in a similar bracket as your top choices, I imagine the stats might be similar. Good luck! 

Hi! I was wondering where you found this statistic for Columbia--I've been looking all over!

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