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Looking for Dual Philosophy/Psychology PhD Programs

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* I have crossposted this in the Psychology section of this website *

Hello everyone. I am looking for PhD programs that are officially both Philosophy and Psychology. I know of one at Yale.


However my search has not produced any other results. Do any of you know of other programs that are like this? I think that a program like this would be perfect for me and I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you :)

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I was fortunate enough to get an interview for the Yale program.   Keep in mind that the application is due by the psychology deadline (this year dec 1) and that your application goes to one department for approval and then the other.  You'll also want to contact both departments well in advance of applying.  There are lots of other programs that integrate philosophy and psychology.   UCSD has a cognitive science interdisciplinary program,  and PITTs HPS has a specialization in psychology.   NYU and Rutgers are also strong in psych / philosophy.   Good luck!

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The University of Cincinnati is not a dual PhD program, but many of our graduate students get a masters degree in psych (or other fields like biology, geology, mathematics, classics, etc.). We also have a several students that work in psychology labs, especially UC's Cognition Action and Perception lab, and publish in both psychology and philosophy. I would recommend browsing the website to get a sense of the program. You might reach out to Tony Chemero, he has appointments in both psychology and philosophy. Good luck!

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