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Georgetown McCourt 2019

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How were you notified? I have nothing!

You're confusing the priority scholarship deadline (Jan. 15) with the early acceptance deadline (Nov. 30) and stressing these poor folks out. "Those applying with a completed application by Novem

Applied by the 1/5 priority deadline. And now I wait......... ?

On 1/2/2019 at 10:32 PM, worldleader2018 said:

About to send mine tonight! So nervous...what's usually the turnaround like?

From last year's results search, it looks like first week of March is when priority decisions came out.

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On 1/10/2019 at 12:54 AM, hbgurley said:

The website also says that students with a completed application by November 30th will be considered for scholarship, and they will be notified of their decision by mid-January. So, I guess some people could hear back next week?

That must be a new thing this year, I don't remember seeing that on the applications page last cycle.

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Got in the Data Science & Public Policy program with 10k/year funding. Saw a few instances in the forum stating Georgetown is very flexible when it comes to negotiating financial aid offers - can anyone substantiate that further? 

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20 hours ago, worldleader2018 said:

Any idea when results come in? It seems like based on threads last year, they might be here next week?!

I tried calling admissions for insight, but couldn't reach them. 


I looked three years worth of results and it seems next week or the first week of March. I'm crossing my fingers!

I've had pretty good luck reaching out to the via email, so you may want to try that. They have a general grad mail address

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