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Best Professional Handbag?

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Going into graduate school where I will be traveling around from school to the hospital etc, I'm looking for a good study professional bag to tote my stuff around in. Anyone have any input or bags you love?

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I love my Swiss Gear laptop backpack! If you're okay with a backpack vs a handbag this is definitely the one I'd recommend. I have it in gray so it's a neutral professional color and the design is pretty sleek so it doesn't look like a bag highschoolers carry. It has a doctor bag style hinged opening which makes it very easy to fill with textbooks, a change of clothes, or anything else. I know three other people who have the same bag and we all love it!

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I've gone through soooooooo many iterations of bags.

Currently, I'm finding that I prefer backpacks. They're easier on my back and shoulders (which have chronic pain), and they leave my hands free if I need to do other things. I'm currently using the Everlane Modern Snap Backpack, which is reasonably priced ($68), durable, water-resistant, and spacious enough to carry all the stuff I need for work every day. It has just enough pockets. (Actually, I would argue that it has one too few pockets.)

Before I started carrying this, I had the Knomo Beauchamp ($179) I LOVE it - durable, water-resistant, with the perfect number of pockets - but it's small. It was absolutely perfect for my work stuff before, but I recently acquired some wireless headphones (Christmas gift) and they stretch the limits of the bookbag. Knomo does sell a bigger one - the Beaufort ($199) - but it's still smaller than my Everlane one and I don't think it would've comfortably fit everything. Plus I liked the price of the Everlane one more.

When I was doing messenger style bags, I really liked the Lo & Sons Brookline ($198). Durable, water-resistant...are you sensing a theme here?...lots of pockets. It's not lightweight, though - it's relatively heavy even when empty. I also found that the jacquard lining inside got dirty very quickly, and it had too many pockets, if such a think is possible. It encouraged me to stuff it. The T.T. is another laptop tote.

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