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In at Yale. My one admit of the season. I'm speechless.

In off the waitlist at Loyola

Just got a call from Dr. Sae Saue offering me admission to SMU

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Accepted off the waitlist at UVA! I can hardly believe it, I was sure it wasn't going to happen.

If there any people who went to the visit, or who are current or ex students, please DM me! I'd like to ask some questions about the area and there's not really a lot of time to wait for responses through the regular channels.

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I just wanted to see how many of us are here and if anyone wanted to exchange email addresses, get in contact, etc. I'm potentially looking for a roommate for when I move also! lol

edit: This is for UNC Chapel Hill and moving to Chapel Hill. Not sure why my original thread got removed/moved to this thread...

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Eleventh hour acceptance off the UPenn waitlist on Monday!! Grateful. 

When I got the news, I was stranded in O'Hare after having been bumped from four (!) consecutive flights standby following Sunday's surprise snowstorm. I can now cross spending the night in the terminal off my bucket list. Eeks. The moral of the story is that this amazing news almost, almost made O'Hare tolerable. 

I forgot my GC pword for a while, but I want to say congrats to everyone--no matter what acceptances/waitlists/rejections you're left holding at the end of the cycle--bc this process is brutal and can be so heartwrecking. Last year at this time, I was bracing for another tenuous year of adjunct teaching. Academia is something, but it is not everything. 


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nice! and eesh, i've only been through midway but know i wouldn't want to be stuck in either airport there.

ended up taking the 2 year chicago maph option. turned down another offer but a combination of things made this the best option, mostly for language studies and a potential post-school career move. and super cheap rent! i guess i can deal with the bears/blackhawks/bulls for two years. 

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