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17 hours ago, WillisBell said:

I was told I would be an excellent candidate for NYU MA in Bioethics (in my NYU rejection email) and they offered that I could apply for free, I've heard in the past that the NYU MA program doesn't receive much time or resources from the department.  Is it still worthwhile to consider applying?

Unfortunately, I think everyone recieves that "offer."  Honestly, that they'd so brashly solicit a program that probably isn't in the best interest of most students makes me question NYU's priorities.  But, since I got the same email, I might be biased 😛

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1 hour ago, Moose#@1%$ said:

Congrats! Are you gonna take it? 

Thank you! I'm so excited!

And I'll probably wait until I receive word back on my waitlists to make a final decision. Don't want to say much else because I'm afraid the schools will find me ;) But, I was very impressed with their program and I would be happy there if I did accept!

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