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Advice and tips on Biochemistry/Molecular biology PhD application profile

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Hi fam. A good friend of mine asked me to look at his application profile. He will be applying for PhD programs in cell and molecular biology this year. Hope you can take some time to proffer some advice on his profile and other schools he can apply to.

GPA:: 3.62

GRE: 158 V; 165 Q

Internships: One year at a regional teaching hospital

Positions: Research assistant at the biomedical science department of a major university

Research experience: three years (2 years at a university laboratory, 1 year at a research hospital )

Publications: 4 papers (One first author)

Areas of interest: Pathogenesis of diabetes, microbe-induced cancers

Programs applying to: Molecular biology (Univ. of Utah, Univ. of Texas), Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Michigan Technological University), Molecular Bio-sciences (Univ. of Kansas), Biomedical Science (Univ of Iowa), Pathobiology and Molecular medicine (Univ of Alabama, Birmingham)

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