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The CUNYS- Queens vs. Hunter

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Hi all!

Does anyone know anything about CUNY Queens College and Hunter College's programs? My perception of Hunter has been that it was more medically- and research-focused-- is that true? For reference, I want to be a speech pathologist within the school system, and although I would love to do some research in grad school, I don't have any research experience from my undergrad. Will not having research experience hurt my chances of admission to either of these schools, especially Hunter? Are either of these programs more competitive to the other for grad admission? I have looked on edfind, but the information is often outdated. Any information about Hunter and Queens grad admissions and their actual programs would be extremely helpful!


Thanks in advance!

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On 1/17/2019 at 7:57 PM, Kandykane said:

Queens only accepts 16 applicants. Its very competitive. Hunter is even more competitive. They usually like to take students who r out of state because they make more money frok students who have to pay out of state tuition

Thank you! Did you apply to either school?

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