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How do you become an slpa?

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Usually all you need is your bachelor’s degree. Check with your state to see if you have the courses required. In TX, levelling courses usually don’t fulfill the educational requirements, but it’s only 1-2 classes short.  You do need to have 25 hours of observation and 25 hrs of direct client experience, meaning you’re providing therapy with a CCC’ed SLP supervising the entire 25 hours. Most UG programs fulfill the observation, but don’t offer opportunity to provide direct therapy services. Most jobs you can obtain that quite easily. 

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Like everyone mentioned above, it depends on the state. I have mine in Arizona. I got a supplemental certificate through my undergraduate program along with my bachelors degree. After I graduated I was then required to do 100 hours of treatment with clients with 100% supervison from a licensed SLP. Then I had to apply for a liscense with proof of 100 hours completed and pay $300 fee. 

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If you live in California you have to complete 70-100 hrs of fieldwork. 

I read on here that you don't have to enter an SLPA program all you really have to do is complete your clinical hours.

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