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Hey Everyone, 

I don't think there is a topic like this yet.  I'm from New York and only applied to SLP grad programs in the NY are (LIU Post and Brooklyn, Adelphi, Hofstra, Iona, St. Johns, and Molloy).  Did everyone send out their applications yet?  When anyone hears back from a school or gets an interview let us know! 

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I am also from NYC & I just applied to TC Columbia, St. Johns, Mercy, Hofstra, University of Texas El Paso, Indiana University, Florida International University, and I'll be sending out me Pace application soon ! 

I haven't heard back from any but will keep you all posted! 

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Hi there! I applied to the schools below in my signature. For the NYC area, I applied to NYMC and Columbia and have heard back from NYMC already. :) Will keep you updated on the Columbia app!

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