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Post Your Backup Plan

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I've got a job offer at Google – as a bonus, my boyfriend also works at Google and we could live together instead of doing long distance while I get my masters. So I've got a pretty sweet fallback if

If events don't go as planned this application season and you're considering reapplying, do not deprive yourself of opportunities to speak to POI and ask how might you improve your application the nex

Long but hopefully perspective for fresh out of undergrad students who are trying to figure out what life is like without going straight to gradschool haha. I graduated undergrad in 2014 from an in

If I don't get accepted anywhere I'll just stick with my current job for another year. My boyfriend will be graduating from his PhD program next year anyway so we would be able to live together for another year in our current city and then move wherever.

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Finish my thesis, cry a lot, then join my husband at his afb and sell pyramid scheme leggings?


Actually though Im not sure.  Im finishing my masters degree this semester but I went to school to see if I liked academia enough to pursue a PhD because ultimately I wanted to teach. So I guess Id try again next year.

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