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Hey guys,

I am PR in Canada and I have completed my medical degree from Pakistan. I graduated in 2016. I have two years of work experience in hospital and community health setup, 2 years of experience working in NGO, and I am currently volunteering in Long term care center in Ontario. 

My cGPA is 3.3 and my last two years as well as last 20 credits GPA is 3.18.

I am planning to apply at Guelph/McMaster/Lakehead/Saskatchewan universities.

I know my grades aren't competitive but I am trying to improve my work experience. I am also planning to take statistics course in June.

Can you guys please share your experiences of you went through similar circumstances? How did you guys improve your profile? What suggestions can you give me to improve my profile?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi..i haven't got admitted yet ...but in my opinion....taking a stat course will increase Ur chances. U can't change Ur GPA...but try getting as much experience as possible.

Rest work on  ur statement of intent ..take reviews from people and make it stronger.

Good wishes

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