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How to buy more time to make a decision

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I am applying to various Canadian schools for a PhD and applied to some funded MSc programs as a back up. One of the M.Sc programs has already accepted me (Feb 1) and the website says they expect a decision in 3 weeks. This is a funded M.Sc so they do not require a tuition deposit. I have 2 options:

1. Politely ask for more time. Do bluntly just tell them that I am waiting for other schools to make a decision? And what if that does not work.

2. Should I accept the offer and back out if something better comes up? I know this is unethical but they aren't giving me much wiggle room here. This school uses the OUAC system so I am concerned whether accepting will block/end my chances of admission in other schools that I'm still interviewing with. I'm also surprised because the OUAC website says no school should force you to make a decision before June 1


Can accepting an offer (via OUAC) cause damage to my other applications?



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I would strongly advise against option 2. You do not want to burn bridges this early on in your career. I think being honest is a good idea. Inform them that you have a few other applications you are waiting on decisions for and are very excited for that offer, but you want to make sure you make an informed decision. It's not a secret that you applied to other programs. Most people apply to multiple programs. 

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