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MBA or EMBA for mid-30s career changer?

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I'm in my mid-30s and looking to change my career. I have two degrees, my undergrad from a top 20 school and my graduate degree from a top 5 (Ivy), both in political science/international relations. Although I worked at a large oil & gas firm after undergrad in a mostly quantitative role (~1 yr.), I worked in politics directly before and after grad school, on a presidential campaign and as the director of a small advocacy nonprofit, respectively (~2 yrs.). I then started my own PR firm and consulted nonprofits and philanthropists on several projects (~4 yrs.) before moving into a full-time communications role at a university at the director level in a developing country (~1.5 yrs.).
Through all this, I realized that my real strength and passion is strategy but also that I want to return to the private sector. It seems to me that the best way of transitioning into a fulfilling career in strategic management, preferably at a top consulting firm, is an MBA (I have been trying to apply to jobs in private sector management but it's been a tough sell given my background). So, I'm considering an MBA/EMBA and am seeking advice on what you think the best path forward would be for someone with my background.
There seem to be benefits to both but I have my concerns.
  1. Age: I'm almost ten years older than the average age of an MBA student, at least in top programs. I don't care about this so much within the program but it is a concern as it pertains to my getting a job upon graduation where I hear there is a bias toward younger hires.
  2. Opportunity cost: though I'm concerned about taking two years off to study, I'm willing to bite the bullet if it means a larger payoff in the end. However, given issue #1, I'm concerned I will not be employable and will have wasted two years.
  1. My experience: although I have several years of experience and would probably qualify for an EMBA, I wonder if I would be overshooting by going into a program with senior management coming from Fortune 100 companies.
  2. Transition: my research indicates that an EMBA is mostly for people looking to advance their careers but I'm trying to take on a new path and in a new sector of the economy (private) and I'm concerned about the EMBA's ability to help me in this regard.
So, I'm hoping people with similar experiences or those who can offer valuable insight will offer their thoughts about which option, MBA or EMBA, is better or if they think there is yet another, better option. In this vein I'm also curious to know about your thoughts on doing a PT/evening or online MBA.
Thanks in advance.

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