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Quick Question (PhD English w/Religion & Literature emphasis)

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Hello everyone! I've got quick question that you all may be able to help out with.
I'm considering applying to Phd programs in English in the future. I have a B.A. in Religion, an M.A. in Business Management, and am finishing up an M.Div from a seminary/divinity school. 
Despite the fact that I do not have a degree specifically in English, would I have a chance at getting accepted into a Phd program if the school I apply to is known for their emphasis on literature and religious studies (e.g., University of Chicago, Baylor, University of Virginia, etc.)? Would this even be worth considering? 

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I don't think having a B.A. in another discipline is necessarily a turn off for most departments, as long as the sum total of your application demonstrates that you have enough experience and aptitude as a literary scholar to be admitted as a PhD candidate. You will want to have a solid writing sample that is a sustained argument about a literary text using a humanities methodology. Considering the fact that many people study religious texts as literature, I see no reason why this wouldn't work if it indeed is how you plan to build your application.

I would just make sure that you aren't pitching your application as an opportunity to learn how to enter a new discipline. Programs want to know that you will hit the ground running when you get started, and to that end you should project confidence in your experience and skill as a literary scholar.

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