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Valentine's Day is coming!

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UMD is already preparing to reject me tomorrow. It is evidently the status quo for them to change the portal status from "under departmental review" to "under graduate school review" about a day before they finalize decisions. Since I haven't gotten an unofficial acceptance from the department, I've probably been flat out rejected. Extra failure points because I offered to self-fund! Happy Valentine's Day to me. 

Edit: I'm a moron and got an offer letter right after this post

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17 minutes ago, TheDarkOne said:

Man, congratulations on your interview!!!🎉

Thanks, though it's a bit forced. xD  I emailed a professor about his research and he agreed to an interview.  Sometimes you gotta take the first step.  Hopefully, it's enough. >_<

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My brain keeps singing "All I want for Valentine's is admission~~~I don't care about the chocolate/or the shiny dinner plates/I just want to let you know/I love you more than you ever know/make my wish come true/All I want for Valentine's is admission!" all day....but still nothing comes out....

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