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Best departments for Congressional studies?

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I'm also studying congressional affairs, and did extensive research on top schools for this. In my opinion, UNC (Roberts, Truel), Duke (Aldrich, Rohde, McCubbins),  UMD (Lee, Miller), Vanderbilt (Clinton, Oppenheimer), and Columbia (Wawro) were top here. I also applied to UVA, USC, Georgetown, Brown, and GW as I felt these programs had great congressional studies professors. 

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18 minutes ago, Oboeist said:

Thanks for the insight, does anyone else have any input? I'm willing to look outside the south too if I get into a really highly ranked program, I just want to know which mid-tier schools punch above their weight in congressional studies. 

UT-Austin (Craig, Theriault, Jessee does a little Congressional work as well though more methods focused) is a good option for Congressional studies at a southern institution, though it's more southwest than deep south. 

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Added another faculty recommendation.
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