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2 minutes ago, fall2019 said:

omg finally the anxiety is over.... i got in with a small dept fellowship for year 1. 

Same! So happy! Hopefully I can use my other offers as leverage. Anyone know if they negotiate very much?

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On 3/12/2019 at 10:26 PM, ZoeBSkiMonster said:

Congrats to all who got in! For those who did, I’m curious what other options you’re considering and what’s factoring into your choice.

Hi! I’m also considering Columbia SIPA, UT Austin LBJ, and Duke Sanford. 

I’m originally from NYC so moving/housing costs are definitely weighing into my decision.  Housing costs in the Bay Area are definitely more expensive that I anticipated.

Beyond this, I’ve also been considering course and elective options, employment outcomes, how heavy the quant training is (since this is important to me), and of course how much total I would need to pay to attend. 

That said, I plan on visiting schools next week to hopefully get a better feel for the programs. 

Are you also considering other schools? 




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I just got in off the waitlist! GSPP was my top choice when applying, but it was always going to be a big reach/question mark if I was going to be able to go, even if I'd gotten in right off the bat — funding is a big question, and I'm currently in DC, and weighing the pros and cons of a cross-country move. 

But still! For funding - I'd expect there's even less likelihood of negotiating for $$ getting off the waitlist, but do folks think it's worth trying to ask? Has anyone negotiated sucessfully for an increase in funding? What about the GSI/assistantship positions — the possibility of a 40% tuition remission for 11hrs/week of work is very appealing, but it doesn't seem like first-semester students have a good chance at getting those positions. Does anyone know more about that, though? 

Good luck to all!

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Congratulations, @brusselsprouts!

With regards to fellowships/stipends, GSPP is notoriously stingy. I myself emailed admissions last week to request if there was any available funding (I didn't receive any and I'm out of state) and I didn't get a response. But I don't think it ever hurts to try and ask anyway! 

That being said, Berkeley was far and above still the most affordable option for me out of all the schools I applied to even though it was the only one that didn't offer me aid. Having talked to current students at visit day, it sounds like anyone who wants a "reader" position (grader, essentially) is able to get one first semester, and that comes with the tuition remission. Also, after the first year, the cost is cut by like half since you can qualify as in-state (provided your parents don't claim you as a dependent...). I even met a few people who had gotten a GSI position right off the bat, and that's what I'm aiming for for this upcoming semester. It just takes a little bit more networking.

Of course, there's still the housing costs to consider, which are unavoidably brutal!

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