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For those accepted and decided what will you do until August?

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The second and third options sound nice, but I'll probably work until August then move to be there just in time for orientation. I get a bonus at work at the end of our fiscal year, which is June. It usually takes at least a month for it to actually be deposited, so I may be cutting it close. 

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I'm working until June/July, selling my house, wrapping up things in my current city, then moving by the beginning of August at the latest.  

Then I'll have about 3 weeks to get settled, unpack, register the car, get my new driver's license, find a new vet for the cats, etc.  When I moved for work after my undergrad I gave myself about 2 weeks and it was so helpful, because all those little things you need to do during business hours I could just go and do without worrying about work.  I would 100% recommend it if you're in the position to do it financially.

Classes start September 3rd!

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No work at the moment but I’m moving in May to the new place, then traveling for two weeks in July. Maybe I’ll take more trips. I’ll definitely plan on getting a part time job once school starts. Everything’s up in the air and it bothers me so much 😂

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