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Someone PLEASE clean up the physics results page.  This whole year has been filled with pages and pages of non results comments.  I have reported spam on most of them, but to no luck.  Hell, if it's possible @TGCA , give me the power and I'll go through and remove them.  It's not like I'm busy deciding on what grad school I'm getting into or anything. lol  Every results page for Physics* has maybe 10% actual results.

Perhaps there should be suggestions on the post results page or warnings on the results page to use the forum to ask questions regarding applications and not to use submit results for questions or concerns.  Something along those lines.  But the Physics results page is very much out of control.

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A few notes here:

-Conversations are always happening on the Results page. We're in the process of evaluating on how to best treat the "other" category and it's not always so simple. A lot of people that use that feature are unaware that the forum exists and vice versa. Currently, there are no rules against non-results on the results page. This might change in the future, but we also don't want to change any rules prior to April 15.

-We're always looking at results and try our best to get rid of anything that serves no purpose but to be inflammantory towards an individual, institution or group of people. We seek to serve as an archive but we do not tolerate anything that seeks to harm others.

-We take spam seriously. Advertising is not permitted. Anything that violates another website's terms of conditions will also be deleted.

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